Friday, 30 November 2012

Photos - @Halimabubakar Fierce new sassy look..

Bold, Stand out, sassy. Fierce, Gorgeous! Babe toh bad!!
see "why i cut my Hair - Halima Abubakar"

New Music+Download : @Chukie_Lynxxx – Eziokwu ft @IkechukwuKillz, illBliss & Phyno

“After a successful run with the commercial hit single ‘Fine Lady’ with the video heading to a million views in just over 8 weeks, Lynxxx is ready to show the world his other side with this Igbo Street Anthem titled Eziokwu which features Industry eastern Heavyweights Ikechukwu, IllBliss and Phyno-fino
The Sarz produced single shows all artists exhibiting lyrical word play at its best and highlights Lynxxx in a totally unexpected element from his usual commercial sound.
The video is about to be shot and should be out in a few weeks. Lynxxx is just getting started.” Enjoy..

Video: The making of TouchBody | Dj DNTJealousMe ft. Jay Cube, @ZaraGretti & Sean Cza

Another joint from DJdntJealousME, and this one comes with it's own dance moves. He features Jay Cube, Zara Gretti & Sean Cza. This video shows the making of TouchBody (MaWoBe), a new dance song coming soon. The viral video and MP3 will be dropping 12-12-12... Brought to you by Champion Studio and produced by HouzeBoys

Photos Below


video - Beware of fake Silicon Boobs or end up in "1000 ways to die"

In as much as lots of females choose the option on breast inplants to enlarge their boobs, they should always make sure they get the right professional assistance. I bring to you a video of a breast inplant gone bad. Titled "Titty Titty Bang Bang"
Click ----} WATCH -->

Akon to transfer all his money to Africa...LOL

LMAO ..he can't fit shout

Photo - Love Birds @Rihanna & Chris Brown Cuddle

Rihanna posted this intimate photo of herself tenderly kissing her 'baby' Chris Brown on the cheek after his concert in Frankfurt, Germany yesterday. So cute! Now waiting for Karrueche to 'like' the photo! Hehehe -->

Fashion - TEN & Co. Footwear - Lovely

Speaking of great shoes, I've just been made aware (via a friend ) of the recent launch of TEN & Co. Footwear. These aren't just great looking oxfords, designer Tory Noll sources vintage and antique Moroccan rugs and leathers from rug auctions, souks, Marrakech flea markets and the Atlas Mountains to create these hand-cobbled small-batch beauties. You're essentially stepping into North Africa when you wear a pair of TEN & Co.'s—can't say that about a pair of shoes everyday.

Fashion - UNIFORM | Rabens Saloner First Collection 2013

The Copenhagen-based label Rabens Saloner is new to my radar and I do have friends who are really really really liking it. Their over-sized lookbook for the "first collection" of 2013 is so good and so well-done and so pretty and printed on great paper, and I, err, uh, took a bunch of iPhone photos and pasted them up here. There were too many to scan! I didn't want to leave out anything! This season's line is based on the bohemian life in the East Hills of L.A. (check!), and I have to say, they totally nailed it. Rabens Saloner is also launching a men's line in 2013 and hopefully both their lines will land on our shores soon! 

New Music+Download : Piper – You The One ft K Switch

Here is Piper’s comeback single titled You The One, featuring DB record’s K Switch. Piper is currently signed to Big Fish Records

New VIDEO+Download : Lágbájá – Omo Jayejaye

Motherlan’ presents “Omo Jayejaye” from Lagbaja’s new album – 200 Million Mumu (The Bitter Truth)

IN Photos from @RukkySanda 's Lovelorn movie premiere

Ikay Ogbonna, Rukky Sanda, Tonto Dikeh, Karen Igho and Alex Ekubo
The premiere held last Saturday November 24th at Aura. More photos after the cut...

Uche Jombo R and Rukky

Ebube Nwagbo, guest and Oge Okoye

Ikay Ogbonna, Tonto and Rukky

Vivian Ejike, Rukky and Yemi Blaq

Yemi Blaq and Susan Peters

Monalisa Chinda and Rukky
Rukky and Omotola
Paul, Jude and Peter Okoye with Rukky Sanda

Rihanna and Chris Brown get matching Rolex watches

The reconciled couple bought matching Rolex watches same day and posted pictures of themselves wearing it on their Instagram pages same time. -->

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Photo - @WendyWilliams poses nude for PETA, Naomi and Kate for Interview

The 48 year old Talk Show host unveiled her nude poster for PETA campaign in New York's Time Square yesterday Wednesday November 28th. They photographed the heck out of her..:-).

See another photo + Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss' nude Interview cover below...


Photos - Are those Vina's ( @VinaBlackbarbie ) Boobies or.....???!! LOL

Wow I'll be damned!! Are these her new accessories, are they real, or is Vina Just showing us her humorous side , or which "movie" is she shooting ???! To many questions I agree but I just had to ask, because they sure are huge!!! If this is real, Cossy will have nothing on the Ex Bigbrother Africa house mate. ...I had to wear gogles to do this post LMAO. see the pics below
WOW!! any comments??!! -->

Aluu4 Movie: The Loudest Scam of the Century

Written By Onyeka Nwelue
On the 5th of October, 2012, four young men were beaten up, disgraced, shamed, kicked, machete, wall-eyed, abused, spat at, cursed, tyres sneaked around them and finally burnt in a certain place called Aluu in Rivers State.
They watched themselves die and people also watched them die. They were called thieves. They were killed. Those of us who were not there in Aluu heard different things. We believed almost all the different stories we heard.
This is November. And a movie is made about this gruesome incident that tore hearts apart, shook homes and emotionally enraged Nigerians and the world at large. Many media freaks and junkies, like FabMagazineOnline termed it a ‘tribute’ to the Aluu4, ‘hoping’ the movie ‘isn’t just another money-making ventures for them but first, to truly pay tribute to the ones who lost their lives in that horrendous incident.’
To insist that making a film on such incident is a ‘tribute’ is at once, foolish and ridiculously stupid, because the motive with which the film is being made is not genuine. Before I go on, I will demand that the film idea be completely banned and that the Nigerian Censors Board never allow this particular movie be released anywhere in this country or elsewhere. My fear is that since this is not going to be a true representation of what happened in Aluu, as many people will see the movie as a True Story, the world will only take One Side of the story. Yet, that is not completely my fear.
A very hardworking Nigerian rapper, DaGrin died. A new scam introduced within Nigerian musicians in the name of ‘tribute.’ I refused to see the movie done on him. Many musicians were busy, cashing on the misfortune of his family. Every single artiste who had recorded a song with him in the past saw an opportunity, a very big one at that, to make themselves popular and famous. There was a total misrepresentation of who DaGrin was. In one of his songs, he had pleaded with people, ‘If I die, make you no cry for me.’ There was no single friend of his or fellow musician who respected his wish. People cried in every angle. They could have controlled the crocodile tears, at least, respecting the honest wish of the young artiste who, obviously, felt he would not stay for long, as there are many people who already know when they would die.
Whether or not it’s a tribute, there is something remarkable about Flavour’s Iwe, for Mc Loph who died in a car accident too. There is a story behind the tribute. Flavour would not have made it without Mc Loph. They both knew themselves very well. Flavour had a couch to crash in whenever he visited Lagos. That was in Mc Loph’s house. Mc Loph had where to sleep and eat at in Enugu and that was in Flavour’s house. There was synergy. There was a deep connection to the song and the emotions could be felt from Flavour’s voice in this song. There is genuineness. He did that song because he lost a friend and brother. There was no other intention. If it is not the Truth, I would not find myself listening to the song over 80 times for a week. At a time, it became the only song I felt. Yet, this was not the case for Dagrin and I am very much afraid that this won’t be the case for Aluu4. For how fast they could come up with a deeply emotional tale about the deaths of four young men who were brutally sent to the great beyond, the entire film crew should be questioned!
Those who paid tribute to Dagrin almost played on our emotional feelings. We were deceived, mocked and completely ridiculed. Many of those artistes didn’t even know who Dagrin was until he died. Many of us, just like me, didn’t know Dagrin until we started hearing different voices singing, forcing us to know about this genius who rapped so well that death took him away. I felt that was very disrespectful and if the dead could rise again, Dagrin will be uttermostly disgusted by the fact that no one respected his wish which was that no one should cry for him. Those who rushed to the studios to record songs in memory of Dagrin, to pay ‘tribute’ to him only did so for their selfish interests. There is completely nothing genuine about their tears they are seen shedding in their music videos and wearing black shirts, singing. This is for commercial reasons. For exploiting Dagrin, a huge scam has just happened.
Making a movie on the Aluu4 is like recreating history; it is like charcoaling the Truth. If there is ever Truth, it will be completely diluted and erased. Only one side of the story will be told. Only a perspective will matter. And those who can’t be heard will be made to be Evil. The point is that such movie will not shed light on anything, but pick remnants of everything pummeled by the media. It is like listening to a blind man describe how his face looks. Would you believe him? Wouldn’t you think he is a joker?
The boys who were killed in Aluu have parents. Have you spoken to them? Have you figured out if you are not going to lampoon on their emotions? Have you done enough to be able to write about each character? How long does it take to shoot a movie, talk more of script? Observing characterization? And working towards a true representation of ideas? Does it matter if it was well balanced? Through whose perspective? Those who believe that making a movie on such sensitive issue is a tribute to the dead, are people with no hearts. They are people who would have burnt those young men themselves. They want to see a remake of how it would have been, had they been there. They are vampires.
I am not suggesting that the story of Aluu can not be represented by fiction. My concern is that the media has decided to term it a ‘tribute’ to the Aluu4. Could this be the foolishness of the media? Or that one of the producers of the film was actually there in Aluu when this thing happened and therefore, has decided to tell us about it? Is he not supposed to be with the court, telling of his own side of the story? If finally this movie is made, the producers should be meant to answer some questions, for whatever is transferred onto the screen serves as evidence to the case in question. Whatever is shown to the world as a true story about that incident, will remain TRUE in the hearts of every Nigerian, therefore, it is risky to play with sentiments and the emotions of people who have close ties with the young men murdered.
If nothing is done about this, more scams will be invented in the name of Aluu, more activists will spring up, seeking for ways to make money out of Aluu. Creativity will be bastardised if there is no true or almost exact representation of what happened in Aluu is not shown to the world through this powerful form of art, cinema.
Or do we want to create Gallows of Scammers?
Onyeka Nwelue writes from Paris. He is currently an intern at Beyond Borders: Diversity in Cannes Film Festival.

New Music+DOwnload : @GOLDIEHARVEY – SKIBOBO ft. AY

This is the Second single from GOLDIE’S #Naughtysingles compilation “SKIBOBO” in which she featured “AY” another talented artiste from Tanzania
The Big Brother Africa Celebrity participant (and 3rd runner up) has set a personal goal to become the most widely recognized female recording artiste in Africa come year 2013. Release of “The Naughty Singles” is a crucial phase in the African Invasion Album project. Enjoy..

Gaga's clothes hauled along in 6 vans + Video of her arrival ( fans went GAGA )

Laundromats around both the FNB and Cape Town Stadiums are being equipped to handle Lady Gaga's masses of clothes used during her concerts, reports Die Burger.

Lady Gaga will be performing at the FNB Stadium on Friday evening and then on Monday 3 December at the Cape Town Stadium.

Attie van Wyk, the CEO of Big Concerts said that six or seven vans were needed to transport her costumes from Lanseria Airport on Tuesday evening, and found it rather "astounding".

Changing rooms have also been set up under the stage, so that Gaga can change costumes quickly during her performances. "Her changing room at the stadium looks amazing," Van Wyk said.

Large entourage

Van Wyk said Gaga's entourage consists out of more than 200 people, the largest of any artist that has ever toured South Africa.

Members of her entourage are currently staying in various hotels around Johannesburg.

Van Wyk also said that Lady Gaga has had many requests so far, one of them being that she would like to be taken on a safari-tour.

'Strict security officials'

Hundreds of "Little Monsters" gathered at Lanseria International Airport on Tuesday night to catch a glimpse of their beloved "Mother Monster". They were disappointed however when airport security escorted her out to another entrance.

But, 15 minutes later, she surprised her fans by appearing at another entrance. She signed autographs and blew kisses to her adoring fans.

An airport official at Lanseria who was present at the time when Lady Gaga exited her flight said she was excited to see her fans, but was escorted away by "strict security officials" as soon as she got onto the runway.

This didn't stop Gaga from seeing her fans, and officials claim that she requested to be taken to her fans.
Watch Video of her arrival below


Nicki Minaj brands Steven Tyler racist

Nicki Minaj has branded Steven Tyler "racist".

The American Idol judge has hit out at the Aerosmith rocker - whom she replaced on the panel of the talent show - after he questioned her suitability as a panelist and claimed she would've passed on legendary musician Bob Dylan if he auditioned for the programme, prompting furious Nicki to blast his comment.

She tweeted: "Steven Tyler said I would have sent Bob Dylan to a cornfield??? Steven, you haven't seen me judge one single solitary contestant yet.

"I understand you really wanted to keep your job but take that up with the producers. I haven't done anything to you. That's a racist comment.

"You assume that I wouldn't have liked Bob Dylan??? why? black? rapper? what? go fuck yourself and worry about yourself babe. LOL lets make him a shirt that says 'No Coloreds Allowed' (sic)"

More understanding

Nicki - who was appointed to the panel with Mariah Carey and Keith Urban following the departure of Steven and Jennifer Lopez - thinks the Crazy hitmaker should have been more understanding because of the backlash he received when he joined the show.

She wrote: "When Steven 1st went on Idol he was ridiculed by his peers & fans alike. Called a sell out. So what does he do? Ridicule the next judge. (sic)"

Steven had claimed that he, Jennifer and remaining judge Randy Jackson - the only original panelist - had got the "best out of" auditionees, but he was unsure the new panel will be able to do the same.

He said: "These kids, they just got out of a car from the Midwest somewhere and they're in New York City, they're scared to death; you're not going to get the best [out of them]. ...

"If it was Bob Dylan, Nicki Minaj would have had him sent to the cornfield! Whereas, if it was Bob Dylan with us, we would have brought the best of him out, as we did with Phillip Phillips. Just saying."
Source  - BangShowBiz

Check out @Mocheddah new look (Diva Molenu)

See more photos below...