Sunday, 1 December 2013

Happy Month of December .. Claim your possessions

Hello December, the last month of the year as we all know... the last lap as I tag it . There's the rush and heightened sense of things, the compulsion to finish "1st"if you know what I mean. We shall all finish 1st by Gods grace! .. Embrace all challenges, you might be tired but will be granted divine strength, being resilient at all times, keeping an open and optimistic mind set . Anticipating those divine hampers that this month brings. Don't forget that amidst the rush , it's also a month for thanksgiving , being able to witness it after Eleven months of toiling .. thanking the Almighty for things He has done and things He's about to do, keeping our spiritual eyes on the prize in sight. Avoid negative thoughts at all times, because based on the universal laws of attraction, positive and happy thoughts attracts positive and happy events and vice versa .. So lets all welcome December with open spirit , for our Father in heaven will uplift us all .. so start thanking Him already..
Happy Month of December to you all .. Cheers to smiles, happiness, friends , loved ones and Family. Most of all Cheers to life!

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