Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Huddah Monroe ‘KILLS PAUL WALL’ gets Roasted on Twitter for being dumb

On Sunday the world was shocked by the news of the death of Fast & Furious star Paul Walker. Walker, 40, died in a crash on Sunday.
As news of his death spread on the internet, one person did not seem to understand what exactly was happening.

Former Big Brother housemate and controversial socialite Huddah Monroe tweeted her rest in peace message, but she got something terribly wrong, the picture of Paul Walker. Huddah tweeted a picture of American rapper +Paul Wall , which made a lot of people believe that she knew nothing about Paul Walker, Fast & Furious, and even Paul Wall himself.
blunder of life smh see screen shots of the tweet below ..LOL.

Though Huddah quickly deleted the tweet, Kenyans on Twitter were not letting her go just like that, especially as it came just a few months after she said Addis Ababa was a country. ( omo this babe dey vex o Lwkmd )

Here are some of the tweets that followed.


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