Friday, 17 January 2014

The Online Marketplace, Changing the Face of Entrepreneurship -

The online marketplace fosters entrepreneurship by strategically positioning small to medium scale businesses before a large homogeneous audience to generate sales.
Business savvy entrepreneurs have embraced the online marketplace as a mechanism for transforming their business operations. Nigeria’s leading online marketplace  in a statement have identified added value of the online marketplace to include opportunities to increase revenue, ability to open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the capacity to use the internet’s interactive nature to enhance customer service.
“How an entrepreneur exploits the opportunities the online marketplace  presents to transform relationships with customers is crucial to his or her success as the online marketplace is changing the face of entrepreneurship”, Massimiliano Spalazzi Managing Director of added.
In Nigeria, has created a meaningful presence for entrepreneurs by committing to an integrated marketing plan focused on creating maximum exposure to small and medium scale sellers on the platform.
Owning a shop on the online marketplace is essential to maximizing exposure to a mass customer base. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the marketing channels, huge customer base and resources implemented by online marketplaces to build their businesses.
Through the online marketplace, small to medium scale businesses can market their products and services globally and reduce the expense of marketing, advertising and staffing.

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