Friday, 28 February 2014

'I can have sex with Ramsey Noah on set' - new Tinsel star, April

Joju Muse popularly known as April is the latest addition to the Tinsel family. She’s playing the role of Sammie – the hostess at Ziggies. Hnmmm the level of desperation this days is alarming and not surprising at the same time . Everyone wants to be superstar famous , funny thing is , it's not all about popping things o. It's more of a facade than reality . And personally I think it's disrespectful to insinuate sex to someone (public personality) who is supposedly married , c'mmon April . You could have at least sent him a text or a DM on twitter if you want both of them . Which one be say you go do am for real . Is it that bad ? No values nothing . April is ready for almost anything even sex with Ramsey Nouah on set!. LOL kai , the industry though .. Abeg I will like ti watch .. Babes dude is already Married
In an interview with iCampusNG, the 26 year old Public Admin graduate from Olabisi Onabanjo University and daughter of a former senator, said she gets horny watching John Dumelo and Ramsey Noah in movies. read  excerpt from the interview below...
Which Nigerian actor would you not mind kissing on set?
There are actually two of them; Ramsey Nuoah and John Dumelo. I’m so in love with both of them. Their movies hit the right spot.
Right spot? They make you horny?
Everything join together. [laughs]

So you don’t mind a sex scene with Ramsey Nuoah?
A sex scene with Ramsey? Mehn, we are doing it for real. No acting, we will do it.

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