Monday, 24 February 2014

Uti & I are in love,It's not a PR stunt- Saeon

Despite some calling it a publicity stunt,Uti's new girl has come to the rescue..She told Punch
 “I don’t like to put my personal business out there. I have known Uti for a while. He was in my only video. I met him prior to shooting the video because he helped me to bring some of the things I used in the video from England. We started talking, hanging out and then this!
We are in love. He is a honest and genuine person. People will always say things about him, which obviously are not true. But this will not stop him from being him. He is God-fearing, funny and, of course, good-looking. This affair is no publicity stunt, even though I know Uti is a big brand and I am only an emerging brand.”

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