Wednesday, 9 April 2014

From Brick and Mortar to Click and Mortar- 5 Reasons Why You Should Move Your Store Online

With the recognition of the critical role of technology in the development of entrepreneurial endeavors, the proliferation of small and medium scale businesses has been on the rise in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole.

Unlike brick and mortar institutions, the online marketplace affords entrepreneurs great opportunities to market to a large homogeneous client base while providing buyers with a central location to purchase a wide variety of products at competitive prices.
Kaymu, Nigeria’s no.1 safest online marketplace has identified 5 reasons why the smart business owner should move their business online.

·              Ease of selling and buying: With the rapid growth of internet penetration, more and more Nigerians are discovering the convenience of e-commerce, such that online sales are growing right along with increased internet usage.  Most traditional retail stores now have an online presence that accounts for a much larger percentage of their sales. This is because the online marketplace allows sellers to list their products conveniently. Buyers also enjoy ease of shopping from the comfort of their homes or offices at a click. The online marketplace also offers consumers the window shopping experience without breaking a sweat.

·              Saves Overhead Cost: The cost of setting up a physical store is eradicated in the online marketplace. For brick and mortar stores, sellers have to think about the cost of rent, electricity, dedicated staff and other fixed costs. This in turn has an adverse effect on the cost of their products. However, owning a shop on the online marketplace is very cost effective. This way sellers can place their products at a more competitive and attractive price.

·            Marketing Advantage: Online marketplaces like operate integrated marketing strategies that individual sellers might not have the competencies to afford. As such, selling on the platform or owning a store on the platform enables sellers to benefit from the marketing efforts. This effort creates awareness of the seller’s stores and brings the seller’s products to the attention of an active audience which in turn generates sales.

·              Global Reach: A major advantage of the online marketplace is the wide reach it affords. Unlike brick and mortar stores whereby sellers majorly market to customers in their immediate area or visitors to the vicinity, Kaymu offers sellers exposure to a national and global customer base. With the rise in internet penetration in Nigeria, owning a store on the online marketplace presents your product to the consumers who are online daily whether at home, in school or their offices. With 70% of Nigerians owning a smartphone, your product is accessible to buyers in seconds.

·              Time Management: Moving your store online allows sellers time to engage in their regular daily activities whilst managing their stores from the computers or smart devices. It affords sellers quality time to spend with friends and family, get some rest and go about certain activities that managing a brick and mortar store wouldn’t allow.
Kaymu offers a cost effective and simple way for sellers to create their own free online store where products such as mobile phones, computers, beauty, home and much more can be sold to buyers all over the country. It is available to sellers of both new and used products to market their goods.

The steps to becoming a Kaymu seller are very simple. Once users have accessed the site and registered their details they can start listing products straight away. When listing an item they have the choice to list product details such as the product type, make, and size as well as attach pictures of the product.

Kaymu is Nigeria’s no.1 online marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet and make the best deals for used or new products, such as smart phones, computers, fashion, clothing and home appliances safely and for the cheapest price thanks to the fixed price or auction pricing system. For more information, Call the customer care number on 07007006000 for guidance.

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