Thursday, 5 June 2014

'We don't have a television industry in Nigeri'a' - Funmi Iyanda

Funmi Iyanda who is arguably one of the best TV personality judging by her persona, charisma, poise and intelligence says there's no television industry in Nigeria. In an interview with Encomium magazine at her Children's Day Celebration party organized by her "Change a Life Foundation", she spoke about her current engagements...
"I run two media companies. One in Lagos, the second in London. I don't do television in Nigeria again because we don't have a television industry and I don't want to do patronage media otherwise known as brown envelope media. That's why I have shifted that to London and me and my partners are working on films that can be seen by anybody anywhere in the world. Back in Nigeria, I do corporate projects. I have people on the ground and we choose what we work on. So I run my business as a professional. I run Change-A-Life as a founder because it has a board and staff that keep things going. I am glad that it has taken a life beyond me" she said.
She also shed light on how and why she ventured into film making since her background is not in films
"I don't need to know anything about film-making but I am a great manager of people and a very intelligent person. One of the challenges here is that we put people in boxes. So often times, they put me in boxes. What you saw me doing on NTA was what I could do, because I was censored into the format that I did on NTA. That's not the kind of journalist I could be. I was operating at 20% capacity. I don't want to die without operating at 100% capacity. So this is me moving towards my full capacity. I said I run the company, I didn't say I make the films. I have with me scriptwriters, directors. What I love about film-making is that you coordinate and organize talents so that you bring forth what's good. One of the things I do in London is to produce stories that showcase Nigerian cultures" she said

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