Wednesday, 10 September 2014

GQ US does NOT Acknowledge Kim Kardashian as 'Woman of the Year' ?

I don't really get what's going on , but apparently GQ US and GQ UK are not on the same page regarding Kim Kardashian West's "GQ Woman of the year" award. While Kim Kardashian has been celebrating her GQ Woman of the Year Award, it has now been revealed that it is just for the UK , not in general as we all thought.
There was serious backlash following the award and GQ US, responded to the backlash on twitter saying they are different from GQ UK and did not give out any award to Kim.
Last month Kanye was the cover star of GQ US and publicly called her an Icon for being awarded by GQ. LOL is a disaster , I wish Joan Rivers was alive to criticize this news .See more angry tweets below

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