Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Three's a crowd! 3 Girlfriends Confront Cheating Boyfriend at The Airport

Well here's a case of girl power if I ever heard one. 17 year old Becky began dating 20 year old Charlie Fisher in March, the two fell in love. Although Becky admits she was a little suspicious about Charlie from the start because of how secretive he was with his phone and how he would not let her post pictures of him on social networks, she was mostly very happy.

That was until she stumbled across some texts from another girl on his phone. Taking it upon herself to investigate, Bcky discovered that Charlie didn't have just one other girlfriend but TWO. Instead of getting mad, the girls decided to get even and planned to confront Charlie at the airport as he returned home from holiday. Charlie walked out of arrivals at the airport to find all three girls shouting 'Liar, liar' at him before he fled the scene with his Grandmother (LOL).

The hilarious drama was played out on Becky's twitter and she became an overnight sensation with messages of support flooding in from all over the world for the girls and the story making front page news in the UK and Australia!

Poor Charlie! Well, a little public humiliation may have just taught him his lesson. You know what they say about women scorned!!

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