Thursday, 2 October 2014

LOL Milana Aslani says her modeling and reality TV dreams have been crushed by her 'lookalike' Kim Kardashian West

Reality TV wannabee Milana Aslani is blaming her failing career on her Hollywood look alike "Kim Kardashian" .. *like seriously* .
The publicity courting 27-year-old says her resemblance to the Keeping Up With The Kardashian's star has ruined her chances of starring in projects such as The Shahs Of Sunset and Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills. She quoted in a recent video interview :
'I do a lot of fashion shoots but I believe resembling Kim K has ruined my modeling and reality TV career,'
 Milana says she can't even walk down the street without being mistaken for Kanye West's wife.
'People stop me to take pictures with me they, "Say oh my god, you look like Kim K", they want to take my picture.'
Apparently asides from their good looks, habitual liking for posting selfies, rocking designer brands,and the taste for the finer things of life , the women also share Armenian heritage, are from opulent backgrounds, reside in Los Angeles and were both "friends" with Ray J .  
All I need is to look at her derriere for confirmation lol . Just one glance and can tell if if's a Kim K material or not . Anyways see more photos of their supposed resemblance below ..

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