Sunday, 9 November 2014

EXPOSED!! Popular Instagram Model reveals the Advanced level Prostitution That goes on in Dubai

Ha! I always knew something was fishy about all the tons of girls that go to the city of Dubai every other day in the name of vacation and shopping. Don't get me wrong It's a lovely vaccation spot but a little fraction of the girls who go there actually go for that purpose but instead for a new type of trendy hustle! Popular instagram model Brittanya187 BLEW THE LID off of this new hustle that these hoes are doing . It's more like a sin city in Dubai . Theses girls get booking information, hotel bookings, and even shopping money to put up a false front on them having a great time on their social media pages, all financed by these rich Dubai men.
But in reality , all the money is for all kinds of sexual services. See the messages that Brittanya revealed below. SMH . . .

See her reply below

It's a big shame actually, the height of desperation and need for money, reducing their human value. I hear some even have sex with animals while these rich men watch. Na wah 

Source - MTO

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