Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Wise words from eLDee - "A 'runs girl' is nothing but a high class prostitute"

The artist poured out his views and concerns about the popular term "Runs" particularly reffering to ill gotten wealth or rather selling one's body for monetary benefits .. he shared this on his instagram page .. See what he wrote below ;

#tellitlikeitis #AshawoNobework Stop encouraging little girls to sell their bodies for electronic gadgets, plane tickets, and designer bags, just to be able to flex on Instagram. Our society now condones prostitution so long as you're not standing on the road, but a whore is a whore, whether for N500 or a Birkin bag. #SaveTheNextGeneration #StopMakingProstitutionAwayOutForYoungGirls #ThereAreNobleAndLessDestructiveWaysToEarnALiving. Anyway sha, I no holy pass anybody, I jus dey observe, and I get loud speaker.
He also got some reactions negative and most positive, some hilarious see them below...

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