Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Could Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio be expecting a baby together?? @x!#&

This is funny isn't it? especially coming from MTO . The only part I concur with, is if ever this be true, North West and Blu Ivy will have to take a back seat for a while lol ., Read the report below..

MediaTakeOut.com told you guys that Leonardo DiCaprio was dating Rihanna . . . and that they rang in the new year together. Some of y'all ain't believe us. Well now we have controverted proof.
On Saturday night, there was a party at the Playboy mansion. One of the Playmates tweeted out that she saw Rihanna kissing Leo. She quickly deleted it and added that she was at the mansion with "unnamed celebs" after she realized that she might get in trouble for spilling tea.
Anyways, our SAME SNITCH that told us about Leo and Rihanna (before ANYONE ELSE KNEW) told us that Rihanna is DEFINITELY PREGNANT. And that despite her recent "partying" . . . Rihanna STILL PLANS on keeping the baby. We're STILL not clear yet on who the father is . . . but it now looks like it MIGHT BE LEONARDO DiCAPRIO!!
Wow . . . if Rih has Leo's baby - Blue and North West just got BUMPED INTO B-LIST BABIES!! This is a MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVE!!!
What do you guys think? how can this be when our ever unapologetic Riri has been turnt on her "worse behavior" this season Lol . Partying at locations like st.Bartz etc .

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