Tuesday, 13 January 2015

I am now free to have Coitus - Vast of Bracket Declares . LOL

We all know that Vast of Bracket was being treated of Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer, real name Nwanchukwu Ozioko says he is now free to start having sex again. He said doctors had earlier warned him to abstain from sex during the treatment process but have since given him the go-ahead to enjoy. OMG that's like being dis-virgined all over again. Who will be the lucky girl to help him get rid of some extra baggage .. I am pretty sure we all understand his excitement ...read his statement below..

"I have gone for sperm check. I am okay. The essence of not having sex was to ensure that I don't give birth to an abnormal baby. Because if I impregnate a lady in that condition, she might give birth to such a baby and of course I don't want that to happen. That was why I was instructed to stay away from sex for five months. I am ready to resume. Interestingly, They know I'm a man capable of getting married when it's time. Before they started the treatment, they took sperm from me for safe keeping in case the treatment damages my sperm. I will still be able to have children but nothing bad happened. It didn't affect anything. I am free to have sex and impregnate my lady when the time comes. Apart from being alive, that is also a good news" he told Encomium mag

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