Thursday, 6 February 2014

10 Unusual Things Sold On Kaymu

Kaymu is home to Africa’s useful but sometimes usual things. We went on a mission to find 10, here is our list:

1.    Wine Bottle Umbrella – An umbrella inside of a wine bottle which magically appears by the twist of the lid, a great way to celebrate the rain in style.

2.    2 Days Intensive Training on Bag & Slippers Making – If you have an interest in making your own slippers and bags then this course is for you.The unique opportunity allows people to make their own slippers and bags, if the shoe fits?

3.    Super Quality Camera Pen – Want to be the next James Bond? This might be the perfect gadget for you. As well as writing it also records, films and of course the key to being a secret agent.

4.    Slice of Cake Towel Favor – Perfect for cake lovers this tasty looking item is a great way to complement your slice of cake or sweet pastries.

5.    "Light Bulb" Colour Changing Temperature Sensitive Mugs - Have a light bulb moment every day! Why not, let the ideas roll in as your mug does the lighting- Oh yeah, watch the light bulb animation come on as you pour in your favourite cup of hot beverage, coffee or tea. Bulb OFF when cold and lights up when hot. A great way to kick start a Monday morning.

6.    Vegetable Twister – This gadget will definitely get your greens in a twist. Its unusual technique turns normal vegetables into spaghetti and endless shapes. A boundless and fun gadget for both children’s and adult’s dinner ideas.

7.    Solar Panel Leather Briefcase – An out of the ordinary, but quite essential work accessory. Great for business trips to hold valuable items and to recharge your mobile phone and other gadgets. Very unusual but practical.

8.    Alarm Padlock – A padlock not enough? This unique lock comes with extra added security with an alarm feature to alert you if your property is being tampered with. Definitely a good was to scare off any intruders.

9.    Disposable Underarm Sweat Pad – First day at work, job interview or public speaking this might be the right item for these occasions. These armpit pads are an ultimate solution!

10.  Portable Sauna – A great way to relax practically anywhere, the portable sauna is easy to set up and also has a folding chair a foot massager. A great remedy for a late shift at work.

About Kaymu
Kaymu is Nigeria’s no.1 online marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet and make awesome deals thanks to the fixed or auction pricing system. Kaymu is the place where you can buy the cheapest items, used or new, such as smartphones, computers, fashion and clothing, home appliances, cars and real estate for the best prices. If you are a merchant and wishes to sell your products, you can easily advertise and sell them directly to the customers living next to you. The transactions are safe and secure and you get to choose where and when the delivery will take place, or you can choose the shipping option

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