Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Pastor E. A Adeboye's message to skin bleachers

  Lol. Una don hear o! In other news, I was offline through out yesterday till now, am sorry guys, I got mugged the night before , to cut the long story short , I had a flat tire while heading to the mainland to meet up with a friend . I then stopped to change tires o , lo and behold , from the dark some thugs ( abgero ) came out from no where, they put up a front of helping me with the situation , and then suddenly the thicker guy pulls out a pistol asking me for my gadgets .. and that's how I got robbed o. Now am a full time Lagosian LOL .. I hope the proceeds change their lives . Lesson learnt , if you ever find yourself in such situation quickly put away your devices before any bad Samaritan surfaces .  

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