Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Body language expert analyze Beyonce & Jay Z at the VMAs, Claims they have marriage problems

I thought the divorce assumptions would have ended after the touching display by the power couple at the VMAs but oh well am  not a "body language specialist" .. Most of us felt that was a moment of truth but to our amazement Susan Constantine didn't buy that .After Beyonce and Jay Z's appearance at the VMAs on Sunday night, The NY Post hired a body language expert to analyze Beyonce and Jay Z's body language during the award ceremony.

Below is what body language expert, Susan Constantine, who works with a Florida court had to say;
Beyoncé’s face:
“She’s giving a false smile,” Constantine says. If she were really happy, her eyebrows would be lifted and her eyes would be more open.
Jay Z’s face
“This is what we call a flat face,” Constantine says. “There’s no expression whatsoever.” Happiness would be indicated by upturned corners of the mouth. But he’s less strained than Beyoncé.
Their Eyes:
“Neither one of them is looking at each other,” says body language expert Susan Constantine. “Their interest is more in their daughter.”
Beyoncé’s hand over midsection
She’s blocking her stomach area — the home of emotions in the body — indicating a feeling of vulnerability. Were she feeling comfortable, she’d expose her midsection.
Beyoncé’s hip
Her hips are angled away from her husband, indicating disassociation. “In other [older] photos, you see Beyoncé leaning into her husband,” Constantine says.
Blue Ivy
Her hands are clasped in a prayer-like way. Happiness would be indicated by raised arms and an extended body. Instead, she’s making herself small. “Maybe she’s praying her parents get back together,” Constantine says.
Lol wow, can you believe this , do you guys seriously think their whole affection that night was staged/played?? Is Blue Ivy possibly the only reason they are still together ? .

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