Friday, 23 January 2015

Checkout Ice Prince's new girlfriend, French-Ghanaian beauty, Maima

Word on the streets is that Our one time BET's best African hip-hop act "Ice Prince" has been taken, and the ice breaker is that she is not even Nigerian!! What are our Nigerian Whitenicious girls doing lol?! All the eligible bachelors are shifting their demographic search from our nationals . Ice Prince rarely shows off the ladies in his life, the last time he did that I think the relationship went "left" , but that's history, he's back on it now, meaning this one is a special case. The rapper posted two pics of himself with his new beau on instagram..means he's definitely smitten. The lucky girl's name name is Maima and she's mixed race, French-Ghanaian. We here they were friends for about a year but just graduated from the friend zone to love birds . Hot hot hot!! *tongue out to our fair and white ladies *evil laughs*

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