Monday, 12 January 2015

Stop Dreaming - Juliet Ibrahim says to Women who flaunt their relationship on social media

So Juliet Ibrahim feels pained and obviously can't stand people who flaunt their relationships on social media and decided to counsel those in question . She seemed very offended. Read her post below

The new relationship trend! You are not the only one stop dreaming! #samsmith #word #wiseup #thinktwice lol don't be fooled Cus with the help of social media he has as many gfs as he wants and funny thing is even if those girls are aware you are his woman they still gonna want to try and get him just Cus he is urs and they wanna see u unhappy! Careful how u rub Ur relationship in d face of d public! Even Ur best friend cld be envious of whatever happiness U are exhibiting! #truetalk"
Do you think she has fallen victim? Is she speaking to you?

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