Monday, 2 February 2015

Election Fever by Uche Ahubelem

Uche Ahubelem CEO Brickwall investment Group, a motivatioal Speaker and life coach , has decided to remind Nigerians the importance of peace and dangers of war in regard to the forth coming elections.  Read it below
To all my friends and fans, those connected to me through Facebook, my blog or Twitter, I want to advise on a critical issue that is bothering me on the unity of the nation.

We are all close to the forthcoming elections; my advice for us all is to know that we have no other nation like Nigeria, presently the nation is on the verge of precipice. Ignorant people who don't know the consequences of war are overheating the polity, people with narrow minds are fanning the embers of war.

I call them emissaries of rift because they don't know that any war in Nigeria now will cause business to crumble, economy will break down, a lot will be jobless, and people will die of famine and hunger including those clamouring for war. most of them who want this nation to go to war and burn have plans of enriching themselves by selling arms to the warring faction. Nigerians don't be fooled, this election is not a do or die affair, vote, don't fight, don't be incited to fight, some are beating the drums of war for selfish ends which you will not be a part of the loot.

Buhari or Jonathan, whoever wins, Nigerians should not burn, pray for Nigeria and leave the rest to GOD.

Whosoever emerges the winner, let it be. This is our country, let's not allow the greed of a few narrow minded people to destroy it.

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