Friday, 13 February 2015

North West makes Anna Wintour uneasy as she throws a tantrum at NY Fashion Week + celebrity Photos from Kanye's Debut Collaboration with addias

At the New Your Fashion week yesterday baby North West made editor of US Vogue uneasy as she threw a tantrum.
In a photo shared on Twitter, Anna appears to be inching away as little Nori started wailing, her lips pursed, arms neatly crossed and with eyes shielded behind a pair of shades. lol
Kim combined with the likes of Beyonce and Jay Z and Puffy Combs at the event to support husband Kanye, who was debuting his collaboration with Adidas.
But after Nori became upset, the reality star was forced to leave early and take her backstage. According to The New York Daily Times, Elle magazine's Anne Slowey was heard muttering, 'Couldn't they leave it backstage?' "Typical celebrity crap, like I even care" she said lol.
If you all can remember it's the same US Vogue editor who granted Kim her first ever US Vogue cover titled #mosttalkedaboutcouple , which many critics thought it was an insult to the prestigious fashion bible.
All I can say is, babies raising tantrums when upset or uncomfortable is a normal thing , celebrity or "north" .. See more photos below
Kim rocked a sexy yet strange look for her outing - a camouflage mini-skirt and jacket in support of her husbands debut collaboration. And yes the rest of the Kardashian pack was present . Khloe, Kris and Kendall, who was part of the models who featured in the presentation.
P Diddy, Russel Simmons, Big Sean, and many others were present although I am of the opinion that Jay Z and Beyonce were the best stylish couple .. see more photos below

Rihanna and Beyonce together??! case closed
Bey and Kris ( sure Momager will add this to her scrap book )
Rihanna wearing an interesting denim ensemble 
stylish Couple

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