Friday, 31 July 2015

Scott Disick resumes daddy duties as he takes

Scott who comes alive in the night time spent the weekend away from his kids hosting a party in a Las Vegas nightclub.
But on Monday evening Mr Disick resumed his duty, as he took his son Mason, five, and daughter Penelope out for dinner at their favourite restaurant.
The trio hit the Rosti Cafe, in Calabasas, and the 32-year-old was much the hands on dad with his older son and daughter.
Scott wore a white T-shirt, a pair of grey shorts and sneakers, Mason wore a cute little tank top emblazoned with Cali Cub in yellow letters, a pair of white shorts and barefoot to match lol .
Meanwhile, Penelope who obviously was having a great time, giggling all the way, rocked a black T-shirt, pink leggings and a pair of green and black high top trainers.
See another photo below

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