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Beverly Osu says she was shocked to find out the world thought Angelo and her shagged

In an interview with Nonye Ben-Nwankwo, Big Brother Africa Housemate, +Ada Beverly Osu explained her relationship with Angelo, the South African housemate. When asked how come it was Angelo she fell in love with in the house, she said,

“I had so many options to choose from in the house but I wasn’t attracted to any of them. But for some reasons I still do not understand, I fell in love with Angelo. I got attracted to him from the first day I saw him. For now, I will see where the relationship will take us.”
How come you had sex with Angelo in the house?
“Angelo and I never had sex.I didn’t have sex in the house. I never had sex in the house. We didn’t have sex. It was not an option for us. I don’t know where the people outside got the story from. I was shocked when I came out of the house and learnt that we had sex. I cannot take my bath with a swimming suit. We all take our bath naked. I shouldn’t be singled out because I went for a reality show. I am not different”
What of all the other intimate things you did with Angelo? Didn’t you mind that the whole world was watching?
“Whatever I was doing with Angelo, I didn’t even think I was on TV. It was just the two of us. We didn’t plan anything, we were just happy. No matter how people will look at it, I don’t regret anything I did with Angelo. I didn’t bring out the video and said everybody should look at me. Big Brother brought out the video.
Don’t you think you embarrassed Nigeria in the house?
“I was in the house to represent Nigeria. Of all the people that went for the audition, I was chosen. If anybody feels he can do better, he should go and get BBA form next year and apply and get in the house. I know I represented Nigeria very well”
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Peter Okoye's Pic Of Him Spraying Dollars In A Strip Club Was Fake After All

Lol, a lot of blogs , including me .. carried this gist yesterday, lol. It turned out that some twitter geeks did more digging on the matter and guess what ?? they found out it was Michael Huff and not Peter Okoye. question is why would Peter tweet this Photo as if to be him *raised eyebrow* ?  lol

North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, publicly executes ex-girlfriend

On August 8th, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was in the audience to applaud his ex-girlfriend Hyon Song- wol (right), a singer with the Unhasu National Orchestra. 9 days later a group of artists were arrested for allegedly making a sex tape. His ex was one of them. They were publicly executed by firing squad on August 20th, while their families were condemned to a labor camp.

From Asia News
The North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un ordered the public execution of his ex-girlfriend Hyon Song- wol, accused of 'pornography' with a group of artists from the National Orchestra of Unhasu, which his current wife Ri Sol -ju also once belonged to. The arrest took place on August 17, the execution took place in public three days later. According to the indictment the women filmed themselves having sex and then sold the videos in China. Some South Korean sources claim that there were many Christians among those sentenced to death who had a Bible at home, a "crime" that you can pay for with your life or imprisonment in a state gulag in North Korea.

Those shot to death include Mun Kyong -jin, director of the Unhasu orchestra, some singers and dancers of Wangjaesan Light Music Band and some army musicians. All family members of the women involved were sentenced to forced labor. According to the Juche ( the delusional state doctrine conceived by the " father of the nation " Kim Il -sung ) is not enough to punish those guilty of a crime, but it is necessary to eradicate the evil " for three generations . " Every year, on the basis of this principle, thousands of children are born in labor camps and live there until their death.

The "Young Marshal " Kim Jong-un , the third son and heir of the "dear leader" Kim Jong -il, met Hyon about ten years ago . After a brief "official" relationship, the engagement was broken by the father of the dictator and the singer was given in marriage to a military man, while the "third Kim " met ​​his present wife . According to various sources, the two have continued to see each other even after their marriages. The public execution is thus seen as a victory of the "Companion" Ri, who gave two sons to the current dictator and wants to ensure their survival in one of the most cruel dynasties in today's world.

On 8 August, the dictator took part in a concert performed by the now decimated orchestra. The execution is viewed by some analysts as a sign of affirmation of his power: " Kim Jong-un is cruelly eliminating anyone who might be a threat to his rule, anyone who can defy authority. Public executions are silencing anyone who even thinks of undermining him . "

Check Out Annie Idibia's daring dazzling new look

Mrs Annie Idibia cut her hair and dyed it ( a move many ladies dare to do) ... Don't know the colour sha but I know it sure rocks on her . What do you guys think?? + see cute lil miss idibia lol

Omotola shares more family vacation photos on instagram

The Queen of Nollywood deserves to chill peeps lol she and her family are sure chilling in style .. on some coliseum "p" +Omotola Jalade Ekeinde , her husband and four children are currently on holiday in Europe. They are in Italy, at the moment. Omosexy posted the photos above stating, "adult time over now kids take over #bored with ancient history lol " lmao @ ancient history .... but "adult time" though (sssshh) .. lovely shots ...

Singer Emma Nyra drops it like its HOT in new Photos

1st lady Made Men Music +Emma Nyra looks drop dead gorgeous in this set of new promo shots. Hot for days ... see more photos of her below

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Yvonne Jegede and her milk factories are back! Releases hot new photos

Black , busty , beautiful and proud!!! the Sexy dark skinned Nollywood actress +Yvonne Jegede , who left the entertainment scene in 2007 to study International Relations in Cyprus is back to the screen. Yvonne, who was one of the chicks in 2face Idibia's African Queen video, has been spotted on movie locations since her return to Nigeria.

She released these hot new photos to celebrate her birthday a few days ago. ok guys hope your eyes "poppeth" not for the ladies , you are on your own ..More bursts below , sorry I meant more photos below lol *covers face* ...

Kris Jenner's talk show canceled ??! oh dear

Unbelievable right?? Thought the Kardashians got away with anything ..According to a report by Radar Online, Kris Jenner's talk show ( +Kris Jenner Show ) has been cancelled due poor ratings

+Kris Jenner Kris Jenner has been told by FOX executives that her six-week trial run at being a talk show host will be just that - it’s not coming back for a second run.
Kim K's mother was recently told, “There is no chance the talk show is going to get a green light from FOX. The ratings were averaging an abysmal 0.8 and advertisers were less than enthusiastic about it.”
“Kris did get a ratings bump for her last show when Kanye West revealed the first baby pic of daughter, North West, with Kim, but that was a one time shot in the arm and it wouldn’t be indicative of what the ratings trend would be,” the source close to the production told
“It’s a very crowded market and Kris didn’t do anything to set herself apart from the field. Believe it or not, most of America doesn’t want to hear about the Kardashian’s for an hour everyday,” the source revealed.

Oh my days .. and according to Kris , doing her talk show has been one of her major dreams and aspirations ( she admitted in the previous season of +Keeping Up With The Kardashians ) .. well, the industry is competitive my dear .


Come Saturday, Pixie Dust PR will be rounding off the month of August with a spectacular edition of their bi-weekly music event, Karaoke With The STARS.

This edition will feature one of MTN Project Fame West Africa's alumni, ISAAC GERALDS and is proudly supported by,, Entertainment Online, GlamOfficial and Blue Studios.

It promises to be magical.

Venue remains the same: Bheerhugz Cafe, upper floor, Ikeja City Mall, Alausa.
Time: 7-10pm prompt
Date: Saturday, 31st August, 2013

Music is food for the soul!

see photo of Actress Ini Edo steping out with hubby in London

Ini stepped out of her London hotel with husband Philip Ehiagwina for a night out with friends at the famous Doll House Clubs. More photos below

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'What made your man leave?' - Ali Baba gives relationship advise

The comedian took to his Facebook page yesterday to dish out relationship advice to women. Find it below.. 
Sometime back, in March, I was advising a babe on how to make a man stay. Some comments posted in reply to my status were that men are only controlled by their third legs, money, yansh, boobs, beauty and ego. I tried to highlight a very serious point that babes were missing.

And that is, everyman wants better. We do not want to feel the one we let go was better.
Not too long ago, I read some wild and wide criticism that greeted what Stella Damasus wrote about keeping a man. To some, wrong as they were, Stella had no business telling anyone how to keep a man. I believe she does. I actually think she knows more than she revealed.

Growing up in Ojo Cantonment, my Dad and I were walking back from his friend from a Soldier in the Education Corp of the Nigerian Army, from Gongola state who had been made a Major. Just as we took a turn, from the officers' mess, a naked mad man was running towards us from the opposite direction, shouting Mad Man... Mad man... To my surprise, My Dad, who was a military man, told us to run for cover. So he dragged me behind a kerosine tank, pushed me to the ground and kept looking to see what the mad man was running from. Meanwhile, Some two Fulani men who used to come into the barracks regularly to read palms of anyone who yielded their hands to them, had been walking behind us, before we took cover. They kept walking.

I nearly laughed when I saw them make a Uturn, and took off after the mad man that had run pass us, it now looked like they were chasing the mad man that was shouting "Maaaaaad man!"

On the heels of the Fulani palm readers was another mad man, brandishing a UTC cutlass . Not Machete. Cutlass. The type used in felling trees. That type that reminded one of Prince Nico Nbaga's bell bottom trousers back then. He was swinging the weapon of death as he pursued... It became obvious to us from where we were crouched that the madman had no one in mind as a target. He was after anyone he could lay his eyes on. Because, soon as the Fulani men, vanished at the end of the Block, he gave up on that chase and followed one Man selling Festac 77 sleeveless Adire. Mr Adire seller was actually laughing at the way the Fulani men took to their heels. So, this time I had to laugh when I saw how the amusement on his face changed into fright. He took off and jumped across the gutter by Palmy Bus stop. He continued running even after the machete carrying mad man hand found new targets.

Sorry I digressed. Hope you are still with me.

My Dad later told me a proverb in URHOBO, "AVUE ODIERO, NE EKI VHENRHEE!" Which means you do not need to tell a deaf man that there is chaos and uncontrollable commotion in the market. He can see. That's all he needs.

Back to Stella DAMASUs' write up. We are not all perfect. That said, when a Musician writes a love song, do you stop listening to the love song or letting the lyrics connect to your relationship because the singer has divorced 8 times or has not been able to hold a relationship longer than 3 months? I don't think so. I think STELLA did well. If you like go call police.

Back to the HASHTAG I talked about earlier, #WhatMadeYourGuyLeaveYou.Many ladies missed the point as they always often do. They were talking about how men are polygamous in nature, Cheats, irresponsible, not ready for commitment, gigolos, lack ambition, lack self control, think with their third legs... BLA BLA BLA.

I need to mention at this time, that i was at that time preparing to talk to young ladies who were looking to settle down and finding the right guy. And to tell you the truth, a lot of the ladies missed the whole point by a mile or 2. They need to read STELLA DAMASUS' piece.

It's easy for a lady to say, a guy was not serious that's why the relationship broke up. Or to say, he used her and dumped her for another lady. Fine. That is what they think made the guy leave. But to be honest, was that all there was to it?

I would like you to know that, that is not entirely the truth. A guy would always weigh his options. He would want to know if he is getting the best. Or if he can see the best coming soon.


Before a lot of ladies eat me raw, let me explain. I do agree that it's a two way street, but I can only speak for the WAY I HAVE BEEN ON. I AM AS STRAIGHT AS THEY COME. I KNOW AND HAVE KNOWN ONLY WOMEN.

Have you as a babe listed some CORE 10 things that you think you have that will make a guy not want to leave you? Do you also have some other unique things that a guy will not get anywhere else? Ok, lets agree he likes your breast, your bum bum and your soft body. What has any of those got to do with respect, the tone with which you talk to him, showing you are happy to be the one he chose, supporting his dreams... Does he like blowjobs? Do you give him same? Does he like talking? Do you listen? Some girls are funny, they will admit to knowing that the other girl bests them in several departments, yet still say, they don't know why he moved on to her. Really???

There several things that makes a man make up his mind that it is you or otherwise. DONT get it twisted... If he finds out that someone has 15 CORE things that you have only 3 of and even the 3 are sometimes canceled out by the bad things like nagging, pride, greed...that have formed your character. Your own don set. You are sitting there comparing yourself to someone who has 13 things, more than you and is willing to tolerate his weaknesses and learn more. Yet you are quick to say, you don't know what he sees in "that girl". Hey girlfriend, your beauty stands no where near the towering personality and good heart "that girl" has. Better recognize.

I know I have stepped on that last nerve you have been tolerating me with. OYA delete me. I even need space to add people who tolerate and think like I do.

I rest my case.

Lagos State Govt buys back LCC's concession rights in Lekki-Epe Expressway

The Lgos State Government has announced the termination of its concession agreement with the Lekki Concession Company. Find a press statement from the State Govt below..
The Lagos State Government wishes to state clearly that it has neither terminated nor cancelled the Concession Agreement it entered into with the Lekki Concession Company Limited (LCC) to reconstruct and expand the 49.36 km Eti-Osa Lekki-Epe Expressway.
To set the records straight, Lagos State Government is engaged in buying back the rights pertaining to the concession ahead of the 30-year period stipulated in the Design, Build, Operate and Transfer (DBOT) Concession Agreement. This is to be achieved by purchasing all the shares in LCC.

The State Government came to this decision to buy back the rights in the light of several developments clearly not envisaged in the 2006 Concession Agreement (which became effective in 2008) a few of which are highlighted below.

The project, given its pioneering nature, had some underlying assumptions and market indicators under which the transaction was concluded which have since drastically changed in a manner that it can no longer be sustained in its current form. Such include the devaluation of the Naira and costs of construction.

The LCC, which is the special purpose vehicle representing the investors, formally brought it to the attention of the State Government that given the rapid rise in interest rates on local loans, and other cost parameters, it is compelled to raise tolls currently being charged at Toll Plaza One from N120.00 to N144.00 per Car. 

The Concessionaire also brought it to the attention of the State Government, that as provided for under the agreement, tolling would have to commence at Toll Plaza Two.

In addition, the Concessionaire indicated that unless it realised more income from increased rates at Toll Plaza One and commence tolling at the same rate per Car at Toll Plaza Two, it would not be able to meet its commitments to investors in the project and continue to fund completion of the remaining sections of the road. 

Furthermore, the LCC stated that Toll Plaza Three, as contained in the Agreement, must be built and tolls collected for the continued viability of the project.

Under such circumstances, the Lagos State Government felt obliged to buy out the interests of the Concessionaire in advance of the hand-over date of 2038 under a mutual settlement option also expressly provided for in the Concession Agreement. This is after due consultation with all major stakeholders including the Lagos State House of Assembly based on various feedback and agitation made to the Government.

Contrary to the misleading reports by some sections of the media on Wednesday, August 27, 2013 from the State House of Assembly’s consideration and approval of the 2013 Supplementary Budget, the buy-back is not and does not amount to a “termination” or “cancellation” of the concession of Eti-Osa, Lekki-Epe Expressway.

The significance of the buy-back, for which the State Government deserves commendation, is that it allows the Government to take full control over the determination of the toll rates in order to continue to make it affordable for road users. The LCC shall therefore continue to operate as a fully commercial entity for the benefit of taxpayers and the larger society.

More importantly, it would also preserve the ability of the Government to complete and deliver the infrastructure by direct budget funding, which was also one of the reasons for the presentation of the Year 2013 Budget Re-Ordering to the State House of Assembly.

In addition LASG wishes to reaffirm its unflinching commitment to the adoption of PPP Model as a complementary policy thrust for the acceleration of infrastructure delivery towards improving the living standards of the populace. Lagos remains an investor friendly State that shall continue to ensure the sanctity of contracts, as in this case, in sustaining investors’ confidence in its investment climate as a preferred destination.

The general public is therefore enjoined to continue to cooperate with LCC's officials and operatives as it continues the expansion and construction works on the 49.36km Eti-Osa Lekki-Epe Expressway and the operations of the toll collection systems. LASG wishes you a safe and happy motoring experience on the modernised expressway with its associated free value added services such as 24/7 security patrol, vehicle break down recovery, ambulance services, amongst others.

Eko oni baje O!
Ayo Gbeleyi                                                              
Honourable Commissioner for Finance

Ade Ipaye
Honourable Attorney-General & Commissioner for Justice
Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Omotola's Stella Magazine full interview

+Omotola Jalade Ekeinde 's Sunday Telegraph's Stella Magazine feature is now online - written by Ben Arogundade. Find the full interview below...
Omosexy': The biggest film star you’ve never heard of

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, aka 'Omosexy’, is the queen of Nollywood. She’s appeared in more than 300 films, pulls in 150 million viewers for her reality-television show and has been named one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

She scores a zero on the Hollywood Richter scale. She has never starred in a major motion picture. Her most recent film, Last Flight to Abuja, means nothing to devotees of Netflix and LoveFilm.

When she sat next to Steven Spielberg at a Time magazine dinner earlier this year he didn’t know her name. Yet Omotola Jalade Ekeinde was attending that dinner because, like him, she had been honoured in Time’s 2013 list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World.

Alongside Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama and BeyoncĂ©.The star of more than 300 films, Omotola – or “Omosexy”, as she is known to her legions of fans – is bigger across the African diaspora than Halle Berry.
Her reality-television show, Omotola: The Real Me, pulls in more viewers than Oprah’s and Tyra’s at their peak, combined, and she is the first African celebrity ever to amass more than one million Facebook “likes”.
When I meet her for the interview in a photographic studio in south-east London she is still recovering from getting mobbed by her Afro-Caribbean fan base in a nearby Tesco. “They practically had to shut down the store when people recognised me,” she says. “I actually got scared.”

Omotola is one of the biggest stars in Nollywood, the low-budget, high-output Nigerian film industry that churns out more English-language films than Hollywood or Bollywood (1,000-2,000 a year). Some have cinematic releases, but most are for the straight-to-video market.

When I watch her Stella photo-shoot from the sidelines it is immediately apparent that everything about her is BIG. Big body, big hair, big personality, big laugh: she comes across like Oprah’s sister.
She is here with her own film crew, who are recording for a future episode of her television show. Which means there is also a big, superstar delay – three hours – before our interview can start.
Many of her fans think her real name is “Omosexy”, she tells me, laughing, when we finally get to speak, but it was a nickname given to her by her husband, an airline pilot.

“He bought me a car back in 2009, and that was the plate number,” she recalls, speaking with kinetic, girlish excitement, rattling off sentences in fast, extended flurries.

"All my cars have special plate numbers, like Omotola 1.” When I ask how many cars she has, she laughs again, with embarrassment. “A few.” When she first saw her personalised licence plate she was horrified. “I thought, 'Oh no!’ It sounded cocky.

As if I was telling everybody, 'I’m sexy!’ Y’know-wha-I-mean?” She punctuates her sentences with this phrase, which she reels off as a single word.

The 35-year-old star has been acting since she was 16. Most recently she starred as Suzie, a passenger freshly spurned by her adulterous lover, in an aeroplane disaster movie, Last Flight to Abuja, which was the highest grossing film at the African box office last year.

Her breakthrough role came in 1995, in the Nollywood classic Mortal Inheritance, in which she played a sickle-cell patient fighting for her life. Since then she has established a staggering average of 16 films a year.

I put it to her that she must be the most prolific actress in the world. She laughs and shakes her head. “I am sure there are people who have beaten that record in Nigeria. Trust me.

It is easy to turn around with straight-to-video movies. It is the fashion to shoot until you drop, night and day. You have to remember that we are on very low budgets, so there is no time to wait.”
Nollywood began fewer than 20 years ago on the bustling streets of Lagos. Its pioneers were traders and bootleggers who started out selling copies of Hollywood films before graduating into producing their own titles as an inexpensive way to procure more content for a burgeoning market.

The traders finance the films (the average budget is £15,000-£30,000), then sell copies in bulk to local operators, who distribute them in markets, shops and street-corners for as little as £2 each.

The financial equation is problematic, with endemic piracy, issues over copyright and a lack of legally binding contracts.
Even so, what started as a ramshackle business is today worth an estimated £320 million a year, and rising. All this in a country that still lacks a reliable electricity supply.
What is the secret of Omotola’s appeal? “I don’t know,” she says, shrugging. “I wish someone would tell me! People can relate to me, I suppose. They feel as if they know me. A lot of my audience has grown up with me.”
At the same time, in a country that is heavily defined by religion and tradition, it helps that she is seen as a stable role model – a God-fearing woman who has been married to the same man for 17 years, and balances her work-life with bringing up four children.
Omotola Jalade Ekeinde was born into a middle-class family of strict Methodists in Lagos. Her father was the manager of the Lagos Country Club, while her mother worked for a local supermarket chain.
She has two younger brothers and was a tomboy, fiercely independent. “I used to scare boys from a very young age. They found me too much, because I knew what I wanted and I’d boss them around. In those days my mother would joke that I would never find a husband.”
As a child she was closest to her father. “He was a different kind of African man,” she recalls.
“He was very enlightened. He always asked me what I wanted, and encouraged me to speak up. He treated me like a boy.” He died in a car accident when Omotola was 12, while she was away at boarding-school.
“I didn’t grieve,” she says. “When I got home people were telling me that my mother had been crying for days, and that, as the eldest, I had to be strong for her and my brothers. I didn’t know what to do, so I just bottled everything up.
It affected me for many years afterwards. I was always very angry.”
Omotola would later play out her repressed grief on camera, using it as an emotional trigger to make herself cry whenever scripts called for it. But this soon created other problems.

Omotola and family 

“The director would shout, 'Cut!’ and I’d still be crying,” she recalls. “I could bring the tears, but I could not control them. In the end I had to stop using that technique.”
At the age of 16 Omotola met her future husband, Matthew Ekeinde, then 26, in church. He was so keen on her that the day after their first meeting he showed up at her house unannounced.
“He soon became a friend of the family. He was almost like a father figure,” she says. “He’d drop my brothers at school and stuff.”
Ekeinde proposed when Omotola was 18. Initially, Omotola’s mother thought her daughter too young to marry, and asked Matthew to wait, but he refused. “She was really shocked,” says Omotola.
“She said, 'If you want something badly enough you wait for it,’ but he said, 'If I want something I take it.’ He was very, very bold. It was one of the things I found fascinating about him.”
They had two wedding ceremonies, the second of which took place on a flight from Lagos to Benin. “He’s amazing. If I weren't married to him I couldn’t see myself with anybody else. I’m a handful.”
Ekeinde has become a reluctant poster boy for a new kind of African man.
“A lot of men come up to him and say, 'You’re a real man – I can’t believe how you deal with it all.’ He also gets a lot of invitations from various bodies to speak about how he copes as a modern Nigerian man in a relationship with a powerful working woman.”
Omotola’s ascent to the Nollywood elite began the same year she met Ekeinde. She was modelling at the time. One afternoon she tagged along with a model friend who was attending a film audition.
“She didn’t get the part, and she came out and was very sad,” says Omotola. “Then she said, 'Why don’t you go in and have a go?’
I said 'OK,’ and went in and got the part. My friend wasn’t happy. That was the end of our friendship.”
Omotola has somehow also found the time to release three albums. And then there is her charitable work. “First and foremost I actually consider myself a humanitarian,” she says proudly.

At the Time 100 Gala with Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis 

She started in 2005, working with the United Nations as a World Food Programme ambassador. She now has her own foundation, the Omotola Youth Empowerment Programme.
“I have a lot of young people writing to me, feeling disillusioned. There’s so much injustice in Africa, and people’s lives being trampled on. The foundation was designed to give voice to these people.”
Her own voice has been greatly enhanced by the success of her reality-television show. It is the first show of its kind in Africa, watched by 150 million people across the continent. “
A lot of women say to me that I am their role model and example. They say, 'If Omotola can do it, I can do it.’ I also get a lot of fan letters from men that say, 'You are the reason I allow my wife to work, or pursue a career,’ because they see that I am married and that I am doing both.”
Omotola is now one of the most powerful people in what’s being called the “new Nollywood”, a fresh chapter for the industry, characterised by better scripts, improved production values and cinema rather than DVD-only releases.

But there are obstacles for the new Nollywood, not least the fact that Nigeria only has seven major cinemas, and that ticket prices are way beyond the reach of most citizens.
Nollywood’s biggest problem by far, however, is that its films – including Omotola’s – are still not very good. Theirs is a fuzzy, low-budget aesthetic in which histrionic acting combines with often ludicrous plot lines.
The films drown in melodrama, and many scenes are unintentionally comic. Production values and the rigours of plot and character development are dispensed with in the mad rush to complete and distribute.
It’s akin to half-cooking food to feed impatient mouths, and the results feel like first drafts. Nevertheless, African audiences don’t seem to care, as long as the films are cheap enough for a downtrodden public desperate for escapism, and they feature their own home-grown stars on screen.
So, what does the future hold for Omotola?
She recently made her American debut, in a television drama, Hit the Floor, opposite the R&B star Akon. Does she see her future as Nollywood or Hollywood?
“I’ll just go with the flow. We [in Nollywood] want to collaborate, we don’t want to leave. We are hoping to be the first film industry that will pull Hollywood in, instead of them pulling us out.”
This may not be such a crazy idea, as Hollywood sees the amounts invested in Nollywood, plus a potential audience of over one billion Africans (155 million in Nigeria alone).
Would she like to work with Spielberg? “Oh, please, let it be!” she says, clasping her hands together hopefully.
“Please! Everything happens for a reason.” I ask her if she took Spielberg’s number at that Time dinner. “Hello? I wouldn’t be African if I didn’t, now would I?”

BREAKING NEWS : Paris-based La Cave Musik Signs GINA for $300,000

Woowww!!! Nigerian singing sensation, Gina has just signed a recording deal with Paris-based La Cave Musik.

Speaking from Kampala, on tour of East Africa, having won a Prince Claus Travel Grant to attend Writivism Festival in Uganda, President of La Cave Musik, Onyeka Nwelue said: "We have just signed Kyle of last year's Big Brother and a Ugandan band, UnderCover Brothers before the newest act, Gina. Gina is a complete diva and understands what the market wants. Her presence swallows up everything. She is beautiful. She is overly talented and hardworking. Her blend of styles, has produced house and techno-icy music. Her single, Tele E is produced by young producer, Bobby Combz and the video, which will be released on 09/09/2013 is directed by Mr. Moe Musa."

La Cave Musik's latest artiste, Gina has performed alongside Keri Hilson, Akon, 2Face Idibia and D'Banj.

And she was also been listed on the Record Labels Official website :

We authoritatively gathered that the Dazzling Diva got a secret sign on fee of over $300,000. Wowww!!!! Nigerian Stars are sure Flying our Flags High internationally. Congrats Gurl!!!

Also Check Out the trailer of her Hit Single "Tele E" is the official PRESS RELEASE from LACAVE MUSIK :

"Gina signs to Paris-based La Cave Musik

Nigerian singing sensation, Gina has just signed a recording deal with Paris-based La Cave Musik.

Speaking from Kampala, on tour of East Africa, having won a Prince Claus Travel Grant to attend Writivism Festival in Uganda, President of La Cave Musik, Onyeka Nwelue said: "We have just signed Kyle of last year's Big Brother and a Ugandan band, UnderCover Brothers before the newest act, Gina. Gina is a complete diva and understands what the market wants. Her presence swallows up everything. She is beautiful. She is overly talented and hardworking. Her blend of styles, has produced house and techno-icy music. Her single, Tele E is produced by young producer, Bobby Combz and the video, which will be released on 09/09/2013 is directed by Mr. Moe Musa."

La Cave Musik's latest artiste, Gina has performed alongside Keri Hilson, Akon, 2Face Idibia and D'Banj.

La Cave Musik is an imprint of K.Square Entertianment and is registered in France. K. Square Entertainment was established in 2010 under the constitutional law governing Art and Culture in France, the INSEE and has its headquarters located in Paris, France. It has been indirectly involved in promoting African musicians for cultural performances in France since 2007 but, the 2013 Davido Schengen/Europe tour was its first direct cultural project in collaboration with BigJamz World Entertainment, Blues & Hills Consultancy and La Cave Musik and it was a success.

Having set up offices in Lagos, Paris and New York, La Cave Musik has been licensed to enter the works of her artistes for the Grammy Awards; the record label is all about quality music from Africa and the Caribbean and is focused on working with the best as it parades artistes like Swiss-Nigerian flutist, Tee Mac, 'Living Legend' Onyeka Onwenu, Morachi, Uch-P and the Angolan trio, PDK.
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Oh Dear! Davido is single again

Wow less than two weeks ago, Davido a.k.a omo baba lowo, showed off his girlfriend, named Funmi Aboderin (pictured with him above ) on his instagram page...but I guess their romance did not see "Gobe" .. maybe more of a "skelewu affair" . The Relationship is a wrap already,  because he's now talking heartbreak and being single again. See his Tweets below...

On/Off Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran loving up on the beach in Hawaii

Chris is really happy with his Vietnam babe +Karrueche Tran . (+Rihanna  hope you've moved on as well? )  The on-again couple were photographed on the beach in Hawaii yesterday looking really excited to be in each other's company as +Chris Brown was on set filming his latest music video. Despite other ladies being on set, Chris was said to only have eyes for Karrueche and rushed to her side whenever he took a break.
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