Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year Everyone !! Cheers to life , cheers to Greatness

First off , I like to thank the BIG MAN up there for making it possible for us to see this new year 2014! that being said , I will like to use this medium to say thank you to everyone , readers, friends, affiliates, and everyone who I have had a connection or contact with , directly or indirectly , friend or foe. Because our present is always a result of our past events, and in one way or another everyone we've ever made contact with has made it happen. ( I know you all understand what am saying sha ... before I go "cast"my self)
Having said all that , I believe we all have heard the "new year" advice a billion times , besides I have always though our individual birthdays is our individual new years , so I'll keep this short ..
Lets all keep that dream alive, think rich and grow rich ,  believe in you, believe in your cause "The cause" of  your existence ,  that mustard seed of faith is very imperative . Remember every beginning of a new year sometimes come cold and though , but it will surely pass so don't get all worked up and all, make merry all through , keep your plan in focus , dream it , eat it , talk about it , live it .. and the universe will surely serve you whats yours . Be resilient , is a 12 months marathon so we start a little slow, but keeping a geometric progressive pace . If the SUPREME Father can provide for lesser animals like the birds with food shelter and every, not to talk about us , that he made in his own likeness ( Image ) .. so lets all  keep calm , mix with the right crowd , smile at everyone, try get less angry or worked up, treat yourself like a king or queen , and walk with your had up ... God has our 2014 all under control . Happy new year everyone , love you all ! cheers to greatness!

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