Wednesday, 22 January 2014

New Video: Maheeda – Naija Bad Girl 18+

maheeda naija bad girl
Maheeda Naija Bad Girl! It’s finally here people! The video you’ve been dying to see, or maybe not see depending on how you look at Maheeda, is here. ( I'll say you choose the previous *dying to see* )
Maheeda has been one of the most popular people in Nigerian entertainment over the past year and it’s for all the wrong reasons. Here’s one more reason to have name on your lips; The video for her single Naija Bad Girl.
This is the one where she supposedly went completely nude. She pushes the limits of decency as she has done in the past year.
Check it out tho. Enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. Nice, this is her most impressive video so far, how ever i think she haas somthing to offer in music compared to some of the upcoming female artist. In terms if her nudity, i will say she's getting the attention she wants, the irony is those she plan to send any positive message to her fans or may she plans to create a world of decadence with her fans.

    Cryptz on som mediocre talk ishh.