Friday, 28 March 2014

Chris Brown being psychologically abused in jail over Rihanna beating

According to reports, other prisoners are giving Chris Brown hell in jail for attacking Rihanna. I am actually pained that the ruling judge on this case doesn't see how this is affecting the mental state of this amazing/talented person .. Dude has Bi-polar for crying out loud ..

From Hollywood Life
"One inmate said in passing ‘you a b***h for hitting Rihanna,’” a source close to the situation exclusively reveals to Chris is doing his best not to listen to the banter, however, it does make him “extremely upset” when he hears such sentiments.
“They be saying other stuff too, like ‘you ain’t no rapper, you’re a whack R&B singer,’” the source continues. “They’re in there trying to break him down.”

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