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Meet The Stylist Behind Yemi Alade, Joseph Benjamin, Chika Ike and Others Fab looks (StyledByBie)

Adedeji Abidemi for Styledbybie
Styling is a key part of everybody‘s life especially public figures (celebrities, politicians, successful entrepreneurs and individuals under the public eye). People tend to address you based on how they perceive you at first sight and styling would give you an upper hand in terms of appearing pleasing to the eye.
The creative director ADEDEJI ABIDEMI describes the brand as a style firm that deals with image branding, style consulting and personal shopping. Seven months in to the practice we have styled clients like award winning songstress Yemi Alade, Actor and host of MTN project fame  Joseph Benjamin, Actress Chika Ike, Falzthebadguy, Mystro and a host of others. 

Music Videos like Johnny By Yemi Alade and Directed by Clarence Peters, 042 by Zoro and directed by Mex are also projects executed by the brand.

Photos by Ibukun Williams’s production
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Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr @styledbybie

Photos: UnApologethic Rihanna poses topless in steamy new shoot for Vogue Brazil

Go Rihanna Go!! This babe is effortlessly Stunning!! She sends all the "right" vibes in the May issue of Vogue Brazil. The singer stripped down for the mag a while back but pics from the photo shoot were recently released. See more pics below

Photos: Angry Chibok women protest girls' kidnap in Abuja #Missing200Girls

Mothers and other aggrieved indigenes of Chibok, Borno, yesterday staged a protest at the National Assembly calling on the government to speed up the release of their daughters that were kidnapped from the Government Girls Secondary school on April 14th.

The women under the aegies of Kibaku Development Association and led by senior female police officers converged at the Eagle Square Abuja, all dressed in black, from where they marched peacefully to the National Assembly, wailing and pleading for help from the govt. Senators Barnabas Gemade and Helen Esuene received the protesters and said the senate is considering raising a motion as regards the kidnapped girls for the house to deliberate on. * It's heart breaking to see mothers like this in pain . This is cruelty of the highest order .See Photos below ...

Kim & Kanye's Vogue cover sells 500k copies, beating both Beyonce and Michelle Obama

WOW who saw this coming, to all those who were criticizing the cover at first .. The statistics are saying , "in your face" LOL .. They predicted it and it's happened. Kim and Kanye's controversial Vogue cover just beat out the sales record for both Beyonce and Firsl Lady Michelle Obama's covers, Toofab reports. The power couple officially have thee most in-demand cover in the mag's history.

Their cover has sold over 500,000 copies and with subscriptions, expected to sell over 1.2million copies. Beyonce's 2013 Vogue cover sold more than 350,000 copies while  First Lady Michelle Obama's cover sold nearly 300,000. 

Report claims Vogue had to restock many shelves after it sold out, something that almost never happens.

In Beyonce's voice "Bow down B**tches ..

Bad Girl Riri goes all out Raunchy for French Magazine "Lui"

The  Raunchy Photos Bad Girl took for the French "Lui Magazine" has finally been published .  Damn they are hot! She posted the finished photos on her Instagram Page but deleted them later .. This shoot will get your blood pressure racing , so please view with discretion lol .. This as Unapologethic as it gets *wink* see more below...

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Shocking revelation on BH & Sambisa camps holding abducted girls

Here's an article from written by By Dr. Peregrino Brimah.  Please read this and share your opinions . This isn't child play any more . Read it below...
Nigerians and the world must know what the true situation in Sambisa and other forests in Borno is. It was in the media that the families who ventured in pursuit of their daughters turned back when they approached the terrorist camps. The media reported that what they saw, was “serious,” but they will not say it for security concerns. We are obligated to reveal what they saw. Continue...
Inside Sambisa Game Reserve
From the credible participants we spoke to, the camps are real and live. The civilians actually reached the Boko Haram camps in Sambisa four days ago. The mission was led by the army division in Borno, who were in the front, while the civilians followed behind.
Upon reaching the periphery of the camp and realizing the threat they faced, the civilians were advised to turn back. When they asked if the military would engage the terrorists, the army commanders responded, “we were given no such directive.”

Boko Haram camps in Sambisa are not hidden. The terrorists camp in clear sight. The camp seen housed thousands of terrorists and their abducted families, up to 3000 people by conservative estimates. The terrorists were seen walking freely in the camps, living a very normal life. Women were seen in the camps, these included the hundreds of women who have been abducted over the years.

The camps were kitted with generators delivering power to their devices. There were fridges, welding machines and all other household and technical equipments.
Over 100 trampoline tents were seen, in which the terrorists dwell. It is not yet rainy season in Borno, so not much shelter is yet utilized.

We were informed that over 50 vehicles were seen in the Sambisa camp. There were hundreds to thousands of motorcycles.

After the civilians turned back and returned to the metropolis, it was related that the army too came back, evidently having not engaged Boko Haram in any physical way. For them it was just another day, another month in another year, scouting the Boko Haram ‘barracks.’ The situation s the same in other forests like Banki and Buniyadi, according to the credible people we spoke to.

The Desperate State Of Insecurity
With the above registered, the world must recognize that there is evidently a standing accord between Boko Haram and the Nigerian military. The military knows and has always known where they hide in plain sight, but is either not equipped, or not interested in ending their reign of terror.

A recent media report in the Vanguard described how a US-based StrategyPage report presented that Boko Haram terrorists were so wealthy; they had actually bought government and security officials over. The source of Boko Haram funding has never been exposed to the people. The Nigerian government continues to cover this up, protecting the sponsors; thus the four year long reign of unlimited sponsored terror with absolute impunity is far from its end. Like the government, Boko Haram thrives on the explosive state of corruption.

Boko Haram invests way more than Nigeria does in equipping and boosting the morale of its army. Boko Haram is today an institution and a well functioning one that pays top dollar to purchase tentacles at all levels of society. Fear and corruption facilitate its growth in this regard. In contrast, the Nigerian government sabotages its army and underfunds and under-equips them. A latest report by the BBC revealed that Boko Haram pays $3000 to purchase mercenary recruits from neighboring countries like Niger. Increasingly perplexed by the course of the war, Nigerian soldiers have been deserting the army according to several reports and military sources. They are frustrated as they realize there is no honest intention to combat the terrorists whose locations are known and are left to operate freely. Soldiers are approaching activists to volunteer their services in a true battle they believe in, after they leave the Nigerian army.

Nigeria is in trouble! We the people know and realize that this situation must be checked in Yar’Adua style—eliminated in totality. Boko Haram must be starved to desperation in their camps and the terrorists must be engaged and killed without remorse. A similar conflict between Nigeria and Chad in the 80’s had the Nigerian army under then Brigadier Muhammadu Buhari, with the 21st Armored Brigade, cut supplies and starve the Habre Chadian troops, thus retaking the 19 Nigerian islands. The efficiency of the Nigerian army is also fondly recollected in its commanding role in solving the Liberian crises. But today, our army cannot capture Sambisa. They are not engaging Boko Haram with any determination to win by any method whatsoever, under whatever directives they have from Abuja; and now it is way passed time we the people do this for ourselves. We simply have no other choice.

Furthermore, our reliable suppositions were again confirmed today with the arrest of some of the “unknown 100 gunmen,” usually reported as “Fulani herdsmen” who have been ravaging the middle belt since 2012; these men confessed according to the DHQ, to being part of Boko Haram. We have analyzed their mission and operations which have involved the massacre of towns and burning all in sight, as being coincident with the mission of Boko Haram: ultimate goal, the destruction of life in large parts of north Nigeria. If further studied, these “100 men” not only dressed and killed and destroyed just like Boko Haram; but also started off provoking ethnic crises, first attacking “Christians,” and when this failed, they as with the primary Boko Haram now moved to the full massacre of all towns, irrespective of creed or ethnicity. The gunmen arrested and displayed looked anything but Fulani; supporting this realization, in times past, some killed marauders have been described as foreign mercenaries. The chronic misinformation on the mission and identities of these marauders and failure of the government to accost them for a whole three years, suggests a sinister, pervasive plan to purposely provoke deadly ethnic tensions in Nigeria.

Trust Breakdown: The State Security Department Takes To Lying
Nigeria’s military and security department has taken to lying to cover their wrong actions or inaction. They lied about the number of girls abducted. They made up an imaginary number they claimed they had freed. They lie about how many are killed and how many they kill in millions. The most recent lie was made by the junior minister of defense, Musiliu Obanikoro who said so on Channels TV, Monday, that no helicopters were used to supply terrorists. This is a categorical lie. We have confirmed from numerous sources including released abductees, who described how choppers flew in to the camps and dropped Mr. Biggs snacks, chicken, burgers and things, bought from the Borno metropolis. There is no doubt as to the accuracy of this information.

Apparently there is cooperation with the military and treacherous military cover-up. We the people must act and time is running out. Soon Boko Haram will be too big to contain and then they can over throw not just the north, but the entire nation as has happened and been attempted by terrorists in neighboring nations and across the world. The time to act is now.

It has been four years that this terror has been going on unchecked and distressingly, increasing in amplitude by the day. The bombing of Nyanya was reviewed by Brian Michael Jenkins and Bruce R. Butterworth, the terrorism experts from the Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI), as being the fifth worst episode of such explosives attack in any nation across the entire world since 1970! The abduction of 234 girls is another topper on the list of few similar abductions in recent world history. The president of Nigeria flew in his hoards of private jets first to Ibadan for a birthday party, then to Kano to dance at a pre-legally permitted campaign rally within a day of the attacks, in a show of disconnect from the terror situation and possible uncanny delight. The incompetence and lack of interest of our current administration in handling this epic crises is not debated and not a today topic. The current reality necessitates the response and active action of the people before all hope is lost along with the lives and limbs being blown away.

Self Help: Embarking on Urgent Civilian Intervention
We are recruiting all support, supplies and volunteers to surround and eliminate Boko Haram in their forest camps. This is a dangerous task, but the Almighty will give us the strength and victory against these enemies of the state, of peace, of man and God.

Time is of the essence. We do not know what these 200 girls are going through, the type of horrific molestation in the hands of these beasts. *God forbid! And not only them, so many of our fellow citizens, mothers, sisters, daughters, brothers, fathers and sons have been trapped with the terrorists for years. It is time for us to do for them what we would want them to do for us, had it been us in the camps or our daughters there.

The parents have vowed to dare again into the forests to rescue their wards. By God’s grace, many of us will go with them. We will also assist them with all the supplies they may need.

We Need Everybody
We invite a homogeneous response from Muslims, Christians and others alike. The Doctor Amadi (JP), Muslims Against Terror organization, who are deeply involved in this rescue mission, it can be recollected played a vital role in reversing a Boko Haram trend of bombing Churches in 2012 when they released the Communiqué captioned, “Official Communiqué from Muslims Against Terror, Nigeria: Fear None Save Allah. Defend Islam, Defend People, Defend Churches, Defend our Nation.” Many of us read this strong message, and supported by calls of the same from Sheikh Gumi as relayed on SaharaReporters, Boko Haram left Churches alone and declared Muslims their new top enemy; they have since killed numerous Muslim scholars. We are all in this together. See MuslimsAgainstTerror The more we come together, the more frustrated Boko Haram and their evil sponsors become.

Nigeria’s billionaires who exclusively benefit from the corrupt failed system, and whose ill-gotten wealth sponsors our unique terror crises which we now export to neighboring nations and around the world, are nowhere to be found now that we need urgent action and contributions. We the ordinary people have only ourselves. All prayers and all forms of contributions to the desperate people and their urgent missions in Borno go a long way and are urgently needed. Emergencies like this are never planned for or expected. The mothers plan to go back into the forests soon and we hope we will be there with them.

It is touching how many of our youth have decided to volunteer in this divine mission against the terrorists. It is simply humbling. It says a lot about the true purity of spirit and faith of Nigerians, when seen through the murky layers of cabal instituted corruption. These young men setting out for Borno will also need our support for their sustenance in this altruistic mission.
Thank you everyone. We will win against Boko Haram and we will win against the persecution of tyrant, usurper cabal who keep us in this compromised, denuded, betrayed, painful state of existence.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: Twitter: @EveryNigerian

See Tiwa's wedding Gown up Close + TeeBillz dapper look

 What more can a woman ask for?! Tiwa looks flawless. Her wedding dress is by Vera Wang. Isn't  she gorgeous.  Check her groom out below "Mr Dapper Don Billz".. 

Cynthia Morgan Defends her Raunchy Photoshoot

Last month, fast-rising dancehall artiste under Jude Okoye’s North Side Entertainment Cynthia Ikponmwenosa Morgan released raunchy promo photos of herself. A lot of Nigerians blasted her for them but Cynthia, in this new engaging interview with Vanguard, says she doesn't care. That when people dare to bully her about the photos, she definitely retaliates. According to her, this is business and she has to do what she has to do to sell. Excerpts:
  • What inspired your recent raunchy photo shoots ?
Personally for an artiste, besides music, you have to be creative when it comes to your branding, your pictures, your performances and stage craft. Pictures are part of the things that brand an artiste. A lot of people say different kind of stuffs, but when you start something in Nigeria or in Africa, people start talking.

We are in 21st century and Nigeria is not like America. We still have this mentality of ‘Oh my God, she is exposing a whole lot of stuffs’ but when American artistes do it, we get to embrace them. I think it’s all about you starting your own trend, people will definitely talk, some people will love it
while some will hate it .It’s all about you knowing what you see as an artiste.

When I create a song , I can actually create the video in my head.   So, it’s all about the craft and the branding. I wasn’t actually nude, I was wearing a tattoo and a pair of snickers. It’s just about being different and people are definitely going to talk. It’s part of the whole business. If they don’t talk, you don’t make money. So they just have to keep talking. 

  • So, how do you react to negative comments about you on the social media?
If a fan bullies me, I bully back if I am in the mood. If you go through my Twitter page and you tell me what I do is crap , I will be like:’ Is that why we are here?’.
If you bully me, I bully back. That’s how it is. There are some people who go online trying to just make  you feel bad about yourself and about your music but as an artiste, you just have to be very prepared .It happens all over the world even in America. I am a bully too. You bully me, if I am in the mood, I bully you back. That’s how it works.
  • Can you go nude in a music video if the concept warrants it?
It’s a craft and it’s all about your performance. It’s just a performance if I have to go nude. Yes, definitely .It’s all about the performance. It’s about acting . It’s my job to actually do whatever fits into whatever I’m doing. If a director comes and says: ”You know what? You are going to go nude   and shoot a video like this”, you know that’s what makes you an artiste.  That is what makes you an exceptional artiste. So it’s fine.

  • Does that mean you will do it?
Yes! It’s a performance shoot, but I don’t see myself doing any nude video though. I am just saying if the situation demands that I do it, yes, I will. Rihanna goes nude  too. That’s why you are called a performing artiste.
  • What are your favourite qualities in a man?
For me, he has to be rich. There just has to be a connection between the both of us. He has to be fond of me, we have to be compartible. He has to have a good sense of humour and must be presentable.
  • Can you tell us about your physical assets, what you consider as the sexiest part of your body?
That will be my height, my boobs and my nose.
  • There is an allegation that you are using Dencia's Whitenicious .
It’s not true. It’s one of the craziest things I have heard about myself. No, I am not using Whitenicious.
  • Who is your celebrity crush?
That will be Davido, because for me, he is hardworking. Over the years he has been able to prove himself that he is talented and not all about being just a rich kid and I think he is cute too.
  • What if he asks you out and says he loves you?
Cool, but because I have a crush on him doesn’t mean I want to have a relationship with him. But if he says :’Oh my God! I love you.’ We can work something out.

See Your Fav Celebrities at Tiwa & TeeBillz Dubai Wedding

The day is finally here and celebs , friends and family made the Dubai wedding in impressionable fashion sense .. you've got to love the wedding hall .. certainly every girls dream wedding . Donjazzy is looking "Dapper Don Dorobucci" for this wedding o ( the God Father theme song playing in the background ) lol .. Also Spot Patorankin keeping his "Mellow Fellow cool" in his freshOut look..See more beautiful photos below ...