Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Cossy's playboy bunny inspired look for Easter Bunny Party

Wow, I guess She should just go audition fully as a playboy girl . Dang! all that Breast . am sure even "Moyes" can do well with all this "Manchester United" LOL . #justsaying .. Trust Cossy to have got the fun and attention she wanted with that dude sticking his tongue all over .. see more photos below..


  1. Am sorry to say, but cossy knows that even while lieing about her age, her looks still says it all, I hope she don't get trapped in all this hype and foget the full potential of being a woman with virtue cos all that's going on for her is som big tities that's gonna go sagging soon and when it does , what would be her her standing ground!!!!!!! Hmmmmmm, dunnno, leave that to the open minded.


  2. It's pathetic actually .. seeing this confused old hag , feel she is sexy . The only reason that shameless white fellow is drooling over is the fact that he is under the influence of alcohol and all he sees is breast not Cossy .