Friday, 11 April 2014

Rihanna & Drake express love for each other , turn the heat up

Rihanna & boyfriend Drake are really taking things a notch higher, they seem to be really into each other . They were  pictured staring at each other with love then sharing a hug at the Staples Center after watching the Los Angeles Clippers take on the Oklahoma City Thunder Wednesday night.

Also, the lovebirds showed up for Rihanna's bff Melissa Forde's birthday party and sources claim they couldn't keep their hands off each other. Have she finally found love in a non-hopeless place? besides I don't even know where "a hopless plac" means or is .. please enlighten me..  See the report from Hollywoodlife below

From Hollywood Life

Our eyewitness tells us that: “They were all over each other! Others saw them kissing. They were super close. 
Drake arrived alone, Rihanna with Mellisa ford, but they were together in the club. They left separately. Rihanna looked very very happy … her eyes were sparkling … happiest I’ve seen her in a while.”
Rihanna knows that club inside and out and she took Drake away for about 10 minutes or so and they had some one-on-one time. Nobody was with them but their security so you know what that means! Drake had a big smile on his face when they came out AND he had her lipstick on his lips and cheek. He wiped it off though once Ri and Mel made fun of him. He was cool about it though. No harm done whatsoever.

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