Thursday, 26 June 2014

Chris Brown headed for Jail as he rejects Plea Deal in D.C case

Humans are usually scared of fear of the unknown , but once they face it squarely once , that scare dies with it . Hence Chris Brown has seen what to be in jail is like and no longer seems afraid of it. He was in Washington D.C yesterday for his assault trial and rejected a plea deal with prosecutors...and now he's headed for trial. Read TMZ's report below

TMZ reports that Chris was close to copping a plea but the deal fell apart because the prosecutor and Chris' lawyer couldn't agree on a statement of fact about the events leading to the alleged assault.
Chris has always denied assaulting a fan in 2013 outside a hotel in D.C. If he'd pled guilty, he would not have to serve any additional time in jail. Now that he's going to trial, jail time is on the line again. His bodyguard has already been convicted of the assault. A trial date has been set for September.

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