Thursday, 19 June 2014

North is cuter than Blue Ivy, Kim K allegedly Brags

Life & Style is claiming that Kim Kardashian bragged to her nannies that her one year old daughter North West, is cuter than Beyonce's two year old daughter, Blue Ivy. LOL all these stories they come up with sef. Were the nannies wearing a wire , or they were paid for an exclusive story on Kim's bedroom talk .. Anyways read it below

From Life & Style:
All moms think their kid's the cutest - but most don't go as far a s saying unkind things about other children! Yet when Kim Kardashian, 33, praises North, 1, it sometimes comes at the expense of Beyonce's mini-me.
"She brags that Nori is cuter than Blue Ivy," dishes an insider. 'She loves it.'
They are both too cute isn't it ? Or is this now a competition between both families ? because ever since Jay and Bey missed Kim and Kanye's wedding . It seems there's been a growing distance between the "used to be" best buddies and their families .. Hopefully they won't extend this to the adorable kids.

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