Tuesday, 16 September 2014

What Pregnancy Rumours?! Beyonce and Jay-Z Champagne Toast In Paris

She's been photographed in recent months looking a little 'fuller' and keeping a protective hand over her stomach which sent the rumour mill into a frenzy. Jay-Z was said to have sneakily announced their second baby during their Paris concert by changing his song lyrics.

While performing his hit song 'Beach Is Better', Jay changed the lyrics to make the announcement.
The lyrics go

'Can't take this money with you
Burn this shit up like I'm richer
N*gga's asking

Jay reportedly changed the last line to 'N*ggas asking...Cause she pregnant with another one'

Oooh! However, the couple were soon photographed making a champagne toast to celebrate the close of their successful world tour.

Well, just because she had it in her hand doesn't mean she drank it. Jay and Bey continue to keep us guessing!!

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