Sunday, 23 November 2014

Heading for a Split? Kourtney Kardashian shares cryptic Disney Pictures

Kourtney Kardashain and Scott Disick have had a roller-coaster relationship since the inception , even though we all know how into each other they are, but I think they are going through another tough time despite Kourtney 35, being pregnant with their third child.
The keeping up with the Kardashains star posted a mysterious photo on Friday that read, "If you want to leave , you can"
I don't know idf this has to do with the possibilities of Scott going to rehab.Even though he is going through a hard time st the moment.
While on a doctors appointment, during the reality filming, Kourtney opened up to her 19 year old model sister "Kendall" that 'So Scott might be going to a rehab tomorrow.'
'First of all he's just, like, severely depressed,' she explained.
'He just makes up whatever, like, pills he thinks he needs to take and then if you drink with that I don't think it's good. And just stuff like that.'
Though she said her beau wanted to go to rehab, she didn't sound completely sure, as Kendall picked up on and replied, 'I think he's just scared.'
In a voiceover, Kourtney said: 'I know my sisters are worried and wondering what Scott is going to do but I don't want to push him to go to rehab. I want it to be his decision.'
See the mysterious photo she posted below with a heartbroken emoji ,,
Photo credit - Getty Images/Kourtney Kardashain instagram

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