Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Pandemonium in UNIJOS as students protest hike in School fees

The protest which started yesterday 24th November has continued on to today as we speak causing pandemonium in the school as students mount road blocks leading to the university premises, thereby bringing all activities to a halt and setting fire to the school gate this afternoon. The Genesis of the problem being the 100% increase in school fees based on students claims of the University of Jos.

The students say the fee was N27,800 but has now been increased to #60,000. They also say they were forced to pay for developmental levy which has never been used for any development within the university. They said all effort by the student union government to speak with the Vice Chancellor of the university Prof. Hayward Babale Mafuyai, was met with a brick wall as the VC refused to negotiate with the students.

The growing chaos has been due to the VC's refusal to speak with students, All university activities have been snubbed, including the exams that was meant to start yesterday 24th November.

I am a graduate of UNIJOS myself and I can remember back in the day we paid about N15000 , that's about 10 years back. I am a proud Josite, and plea to the VC to confront the situation and give his students audience, after all he is their leader .. great Nigerian students!!!!

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