Thursday, 6 November 2014

Photos: See Donatella Versace 's transfiguration of herself into a human waxwork

OMG!! this is definitely the hieght of vanity as far as am concerned! Why would some one choose to look like "Chucky's grandma" and a waxed one at that .. I don't get it.  Anyways Donatella Versace, 59, who flies  one of the most substantial fashion brands in the world, her late brother Gianni Versace's brand, via plastic surgery has transformed herself into a wax work as revealed by specialist, with the use of botox, implants and laser resurfacing. Her skin is now permanently always shiny, which they say is a symptom of too much Botox and laser resurfacing used to smooth the skin. She also had lip and jaw implant and many other procedures. WOW! that is to say she's as good as plastic. See her evolution over the years below..

Donatella pictured this week...
Photo credit: UK Daily Mail

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