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Chris Brown should be hospitalized not in Jail - Bassey Ikpi

Am pretty sure you all know Chris Brown has been serving jail time for a while now . Now the question is do you know that Chris Breezy is suffering from a mental illness called "Bipolar 1" ? And should be hospitalized as opposed to being in jail. Spoken Word specialist and Mental health activist ( Also Founder of the mental health NGO "The Siwe Project ") Bassey Ikpi has expressed her concerns and is of the opinion that Chris should be in the Hospital. Read her write up below .. Exclusive to DDCMPR ..

Around the time Chris Brown was arrested for beating, off-again, on-again, girlfriend Rihanna, I was teaching spoken word at an all-girls Primary school in Washington, DC.  It was the talk of the class and as an adult, I was shocked to hear some of the comments that were being made.  The girls put the blame on ‘something RiRi did’ and even went as far as to say that they too would ‘deserve to be beat’ by boyfriends if they stepped out of line.  These girls were 11.
After pictures of Rihanna’s bruised and swollen face were leaked to the public,  I was disgusted by Chris Brown’s seeming lack of remorse or contrition about the brutal beating. In fact, he seemed almost pissed off that we were still talking about it a whole week after it occurred. As time went on and incident after incident increased, he  came across arrogant, rage-filled, distracted, impulsive, manic, out of control, depressed, confused, exhausted.... the list goes on. I was one of his many detractors pissed off that he couldn’t seem to grasp the severity of his past and continued actions. I was angry that young girls didn’t seem to understand the problem with his behaviour. It struck me a few times that something else was ‘wrong’ with Chris but my dislike of him allowed no empathy. I just added coke head to his list of faults and kept it moving.
I’d pretty much kept up with that silent dislike and dismissal for years until a few weeks ago, news outlets were reporting that after a hearing held to discuss whether Chris should remain in Anger Rehab  or be released, it was discovered that Chris Brown had been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and PTSD. Now the Post traumatic stress was predictable because of the trauma he went through at the hands of his stepfather.  Chris had mentioned in interviews that he watched the man beat his mother on several occasions and he was so affected by it that he was a chronic bed wetter until he was 13 years old. Now let’s do the math for a bit. Chris Brown’s first single, ‘Run It’ was released when he was only 16 years old. Factoring the time it takes to get signed to a label and then begin production on an album, between his trauma induced bedwetting and his sudden skyrocket to fame, only less than 2 years had transpired. He was a child and never received the proper medical attention to deal with his emotional upheaval. Not to mention the trappings of fame and being in the limelight with mental health and emotional issues.  His family, especially his mother, shrugged off that trauma as inconsequential.  Which is interesting since Chris himself was the one that said it affected him negatively.  But you can’t knock PR spin even if emotional well being is at stake.
So with PTSD and now adding bipolar disorder into the mix, a disease with which I am intimately familiar, and you have a perfect psychological storm brewing in this young man’s head.  It began to make his past behaviours make a bit more sense within context.  (BP-I; pronounced "type one bipolar disorder") is a bipolar spectrum disorder characterized by at least one manic or mixed episode. Bipolar I disorder sometimes occurs along with episodes of hypomania or major depression as well.[1] It is a type of bipolar disorder, and conforms to the classic concept of manic-depressive illness, which can include psychosis during mood episodes. )
Now let me say for the record, mental illness is not an excuse for behaviour it is a reason. What I mean by that is, that this by no means indicates that his behaviour is excused or proper or okay only that his behaviour now has a context for why it existed and then exploded and continued to explode.
Last week, it was reported that due to violations in rehab, allegedly having sex with a female worker (let me add here that hypersexuality is also a known symptom of bipolar disorder as is lack of impulse control) Chris Brown is now in jail. I’m disturbed by this. Witnesses say that he has fallen into a depression and is crying and talking to himself (Read Here). I was appalled and saddened when I read this story. Chris Brown should not be in anger rehab, he should not be in jail, he should not be at home. Chris Brown should be in the behavioural health unit of a hospital. He should be dealing with his new diagnosis and learning about treatments and medications that can help him manage his illness. He is not a lost cause. He is a person with an illness and for those with bipolar disorder being trapped in a jail cell will only trigger worse episodes. The judge is doing him no favors.  Imagine if he was diagnosed with cancer or a broken limb and then thrown in jail with no proper treatment. It’s the same thing. He has an illness.
Where is his mother? Where is his team? Where are his attorneys? Where are all the people who supported him after beating Rihanna but are now strangely silent when he is diagnosed with a mental illness? These people letting him languish in a jail cell while he slowly falls apart mentally are part of the problem.  Mental illness when properly diagnosed can be treated. People who have been diagnosed live perfectly healthy and normal lives with the assistance of medication, therapy and the support and understanding of friends and family. It isn’t easy. And changes need to be made in lifestyle in order to make life easier but it is doable. I am living and proud proof of that. Chris Brown does not need to worry about being an advocate or a martyr, his only job is to get healthy and he can not do that from a jail cell. It is my hope that someone realizes this quickly before it is too late. 

Bassey Ikpi

Do we agree with her? because I think I totally concur , Share your opinions and comments below

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